Tracking Assumptions in Project

By at 4 January, 2013, 9:19 am

The Dynamics of project and its environment we are working today It becomes almost inevitable a project can be started without having any assumptions.

If however during project execution these assumptions are found to be wrong or are no longer valid then it will either change the original understanding of work that needs be done or cancel the project.

Tracking of assumptions in a project must be included in its KPI as they can have a direct impact on the success and failure of the project.

In any typical project management the examples of assumptions might include:

  • Requirement might not change or have minor changes.
  • The resources required by the project will be available when needed.
  • The required technology will be available when implementing the solution.
  • The environments in which the project executes will remain predictable.

It has been a key practice by project managers to keep track of time and cost of project but given the impact that assumptions can play in success of any project it becomes equally important that the project assumptions are also tracked along with these factors.

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I have been working in the IT/Software Development industries for over 12 years. As a Technical Project Manager it gives me the satisfaction to manage projects yet remain technologist by heart. While being a technologist its fun to be part of innovation and creativity....The management skills gives you a entirely different perspective on dealing with people, organization and world.

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